10 Early Warnings of Mold Toxicity & Its Natural Home Remedies

4.     Hydrogen Peroxide

Using 3% is an excellent and economical solution to kill mold. not only does it kill mold, but it also stops it from coming back. Use it all over the mold spots in your home.

A different way to use hydrogen peroxide is to make a thick paste by combining white flour. Use it on the mold or spores and cover with plastic wrap. Allow the mixture to work its magic overnight and kill all the mold, before rinsing well with cold water in the morning.

5.     Baking Soda

Using baking soda is one of the simplest and powerful methods I’ve tried to get rid of mold toxicity. You only require two things; baking soda and water. Mix them to form a mold-killing paste and apply it over the affected places. Allow it to dry, then use a toothbrush to clean until the mold is gone.

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