Mold Allergy Signs & Symptoms That You Must Be Aware Of

Mold Allergy Symptoms

Does your allergy seem to get worse when it rains? Probably, it’s because you’re suffering from a mold allergy. Generally, you should know that mold allergies are not life threatening. Nevertheless, allergies affect your ability to lead a comfortable and productive life every day.

Here’re some clues to help you find mold allergies.

First of all, mold is a kind of fungus which grows in moisture. It can grow either outdoors or indoors. While the reek spores continually flying in the air can stimulate allergic reactions, the condition becomes worse when they land on a wet surface, as mold will begin to grow.

Possibly, you could have mold growing indoors, but you do not know about it. Sometimes, you might not be able to spot a growing mold due to the following reasons:

  • Moisture accumulation in a basement.
  • Damp areas under your rug that you haven’t noticed.
  • An undiscovered leak from the roof or pipes.

Mold allergies are not seasonal allergies that come during a particular season; mold grows all year round. However, people diagnosed with mold allergies tend to experience more symptoms from midsummer to early fall than people who aren’t allergic.

Allergic people will suffer from symptoms as soon as they’re exposed to mold spores no matter what season it is. Generally, they’ll experience more often symptoms if they’re living in a rainy country or region where it rains a lot.

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